Startup BizCast #5 – Online News Release Distribution (Steve Mullen)

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In episode 5 of Startup BizCast, I go solo (i.e. without an interviewee) for a short episode to talk about online news release distribution. It’s a great strategy for small business owners to distribute a release or two every month if there’s something to talk about. Online distribution is a smart way to go since it not only gets the word out about your company, but also can create very important links back to your business website.

In the episode, I run down five distribution services I use for my clients and give pros and cons for each. At the end of the program, with much fanfare and applause, I let you know which I think are the best!

Links mentioned in the podcast:
PR Newswire –
PRWeb –
PR Leap –
PRLog –
PR News Now –

I would love to hear from listeners who have used different news release distribution services. I want to hear success stories or failure stories! The best way to contact me is to leave a voicemail by calling (206) 984-0860. You can also email me directly by using the Startup BizCast contact form. Of course, you can also leave a comment in this blog post.

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3 Responses to “Startup BizCast #5 – Online News Release Distribution (Steve Mullen)”

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  2. Thank you for your kind words about PRWeb and really instructional plain talk about online press releases. Your positioning of traditional newswires versus PRWeb is spot on. What they do, they do very well but it is different from what PRWeb is able to do (read online visibility and SEO gains). The only thing I’d add is that to SEO a release is a wasted effort if it isn’t distributed online properly.

    Thanks again!

    Joe Beaulaurier

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