Small Business Recommended Reading (7-2-07)

Here’s this week’s recommended reading for small business owners!

Public Speaking: How to put your best foot forward
Small Business Branding

A Domain By Any Other Name Would Not Rank As Well
Small Business Hub

Be a Specialist or Be a Generalist
Small Biz Survival

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4 Responses to “Small Business Recommended Reading (7-2-07)”

  1. Thank you for recommending my article on Public Speaking in your weekly feature. It is a good message your audience should enjoy and consider as a way to get new leads and to grow as a sales person (even if they don’t view themselves as one)

    Have a great week,

    Ed Roach
    The Branding Experts

  2. Happy to do it, Ed. I thought it would be useful information.

    And, I agree … all successful business people are salespeople. Whether they sell products or not, they have to sell themselves and their businesses!

  3. Hey Steve. I was pleasantly surprised by this podcast. Its been a dream of mine for the past couple of years to open my own business. I have no idea where to start but this podcast could definitely help, if i decide to take the risk and start a business. I am very young so I don’t know if I should take that risk just yet

    You also have a very pro sounding voice, do you have radio experience??

  4. Thanks, Bret. I appreciate the comments! I do have a radio background. I worked as a news radio anchor and reporter for seven years.