Coming Soon: A New Startup BizCast Episode and a New Podcast Feature

Hi all! The next episode of Startup BizCast is in production and on the way. Episode 15 will feature small business advice on using local search to help your customers find your website *and* your physical business location. I expect to have the show published before lunchtime tomorrow (Wednesday 9/12).

Something new is coming in this episode, by the way. Starting in episode 15, when time allows, I’ll be doing what I call BizCast Brief. It’s a quick newscast-style rundown of interesting small business news that’s come out in the previous week. I thought it would be a great companion to the Recommended Reading post I do once per week. While I’m on the subject, Recommended Reading, which is posted generally on Mondays or Tuesdays, will move to Wednesdays or Thursdays … since I want to make sure I have links in it that point to the stories I discuss in BizCast Brief. Confusing? Hopefully not!

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