What Would You Like to Hear on Startup BizCast?

I would like Startup BizCast to be as much listener-driven as host-driven. That’s why I’m asking you … the blog visitor, podcast listener, and small business owner … the following question: What would you like to hear?

  • Is there some small business problem with which you’ve been wrestling?
  • Is there an issue you’re curious about?
  • Do you have an idea for an interviewee?
  • Are you an expert in a subject that you think small business owners should learn about?

If the answer is “yes” to any or all of the above questions — please contact me! The best way is via voicemail, so I can use your comments in the show. The number to call is 206-984-0860. If you’d rather, you can use the contact form on the Startup BizCast blog to send me an email (http://www.startupbizcast.com/contact-startup-bizcast) or send it direct to info@startupbizcast.com. Finally, you can call me, Steve Mullen … your host … at 804-382-0017.

Thanks for your input and your help making Startup BizCast a better podcast!

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