Problems with your aggregator or podcatcher and Startup BizCast?

I had an email conversation with a very nice guy yesterday, who pointed out that he was having trouble with Startup BizCast and his aggregator.  I use a stats service called Podtrac that keeps track of the number of downloads for the show.  The way it works is it sets up a redirect that pings Podtrac whenever someone listens to the show via Flash player or downloads it to listen later.  One of the side effects is that with some browsers, aggregators, and podcatchers, the show file is downloaded as being named “redirect.mp3″.  The problem it was causing was that the aggregator thought there were no new shows, because all of the shows were called “redirect.mp3″.

I’ve known about this issue for a while, but didn’t realize it was causing a problem.   A big thanks to Scott from northern Wisconsin for pointing it out.

Is anyone else having this problem?  If you are, let me know.  I’m trying to get to Podtrac, which is historically not terribly responsive, to try to find a solution.


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7 Responses to “Problems with your aggregator or podcatcher and Startup BizCast?”

  1. Do you know what podcatcher is having the problem?

  2. I’m told it’s called BeyondPod.

  3. Thanks. We’ll take a look.

  4. Thank you.

    Since you found me here, and I’ve sent requests in the past directly through your website and received no response, I’ll let you know I think your service is very accurate and seems to catch all downloads, however I do have two problems with the service. The first problem is how often the stats are updated. Once a day isn’t good, but I’d live with it. However, sometimes it goes two or even three days without an update. The second problem is the way the redirect is done. I use two other services as backups and don’t have that redirect.mp3 problem with them. It only seems to happen when using Firefox and, I now know, at least one aggregator/podcatcher.

    Oh — if you check out my feed, you may notice that I removed the Podtrac code from the most recent episode. I did that because of the complaint. It’s still on every other episode, however.

  5. I’m very surprised that you didn’t list Podtrac’s notoriously slow-to-nonexistant customer service as one of the issues you’ve had with Podtrac. It’d be interesting to finally get someone over there on record as to why they don’t respond to emails for help or problems. The only we ever got a response to was when we asked them to cancel our account.

    It’s pretty much the main reason we stopped using them. That and their survey at the time seemed to be geared towards gathering info inappropriate to our demographic (so manyf questions about beer for a show geared to the teenage market is absolutely inappropriate…).


  6. Let loose, Eric … tell us how you really feel ;)

  7. As you can tell, letting people know what I think hasn’t traditionally been a problem for me :)