Startup BizCast Reviewed

There’s a nice and unexpected review of Startup BizCast posted today on the blog for Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends Radio Show. Here’s an excerpt:

Over 20 different Podcast shows. Great sound, music and production values. The shows are quick to the point, 15 minutes or less in legth.

Each show has a focus topic but all shows also have a small business news segment to keep listeners up to date on the latest news. Here is a sampling of show topics:

- Alternative Advertising
- Voice over IP for your Small Business
- Your Small Business Elevator Speech
- Small Business Logos

Nice website, all of the latest bookmark and subscribe options, between Podcasts they post a good recommended reading list. Decent show notes and an easy to get to episode list is available as well.

The only criticism that reviewer Steve Rucinski brought up was this blog being a bit too busy on the right sidebar. He may have a point, and I’ll look into simplifying it!

Read the entire review here!

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