How Can You Help?

This is going to seem like an odd topic for a blog post, but please bear with me.

Startup BizCast is a free podcast, of course. And, while I did briefly have a sponsor, I’m largely unpaid. I’m not complaining about that fact … believe me. I enjoy producing this podcast and it’s good for my business. But, if you’re a listener of the show and you enjoy it, you might be wondering how you can help me. Even if you’re not wondering that, I have some suggestions, and all but the last one are free!

1) Digg the podcast and the individual episodes. The more times this show is voted for on Digg, the higher it will rank in search results!

2) Link to the Startup BizCast blog. The more links point to this site, the higher it will rank in the search engines, and the more people will be able to find it!

3) Submit feedback, either via voicemail, email, or blog post. Keep me busy!

4) Suggest new topics that you think I should cover. I certainly don’t have the market cornered on good ideas, and I’d love to hear yours.

4) Hire EndGame PR Podcast Production to create a custom podcast for your business! This one might only appeal to a few of you, but if you’ve been thinking that podcasting might help your business, please contact me!

Apologies for the self-indulgent post. Here’s a preview of the next episode, by the way: I plan to provide tips on advice on whether you should form an LLC for your business and, if so, how to do it! Barring any interview scheduling difficulties, the episode should publish on Wednesday, December 12.




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