Changes to the Startup BizCast RSS Feed

I made some changes to the RSS feed for this podcast that you should know about.

I noticed that only the most recent 10 episodes were showing up in the feed, and thus on iTunes and in podcast directories. I fixed that so that henceforth all episodes will show up on the RSS feed. Podcast directories like Podcast Alley, Blubrry, and Podcast Pickle should update eventually have updated to reflect the change.  However, if you’re subscribed through iTunes and would like easy access to some of the early episodes of Startup BizCast, you’ll need to delete your subscription and then re-subscribe. If you’re happy just getting all of the newest shows every week, you don’t need to do a thing!

Oh, and if you enjoy this program and have a moment while you’re logged into iTunes, please leave a comment!

Thanks for listening!


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