Startup BizCast Small Business Week Contest: Details Coming Soon!

National Small Business Week in the United States is April 21-25 this year, and Startup BizCast will be offering something special to mark the celebration of small business ownership! Details are still being worked out for the Startup BizCast Small Business Week Contest. I expect to make an official announcement next week about prizes.

One prize that I CAN talk about right now will be an opportunity to be interviewed and plug YOUR business during the episode of Startup BizCast that airs during small business week!

More details are coming, so be sure to check back on the blog and listen to the show!

If you have an idea for a prize, OR if you’d like to “donate” a prize in exchange for promotional consideration .. PLEASE contact me! I’m thinking of things like free small business counseling or online tools that are useful for small business owners, but I’m open to other ideas.

While I’m posting, I may as well give you a preview of this week’s Startup BizCast. In episode 39, which will publish tomorrow morning, we’ll hear from Jody Keenan. Jody is the Director of the Virginia Small Business Development Center and will have some tips for us about how to operate your small business during a weak economy.

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