Reminder: Small Business Week Contest

Don’t forget, the Startup BizCast Small Business Week Contest runs until April 12. At stake in the contest is approximately $2,000 in prizes from PRWeb, NetSearch Direct, Carbonite, and Startup BizCast!

In this contest, I’m asking for your very best tips for small business owners. All completed entries will be entered into a random drawing for the three prize levels, and the best advice will be used in a “listener tips” episode to be published on April 16.

You can enter via voicemail (206-339-4366), or via online entry form. All completed entries will be given equal weight in the contest drawing, but when I select the “best advice” to use in the listener tips episode, I must admit that I’m likely to give more weight to advice given via voicemail. Give it a shot. When you’re passing along your advice, feel free to say something like, “Hi, this is Bob from Bob’s Plumbing Supplies at, and my advice is… etc.” If I select your advice, I’ll use the entire thing … so your business gets a plug!

For full contest information, please visit

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