Podcast Production Service has a New Name

A quick self-promotional post:

EndGame PR Podcast Production, the service of EndGame Public Relations that’s responsible for Startup BizCast, has been renamed BizPodz! The name change comes for two reasons. The first is that the old moniker was too long. I wanted to reflect that the podcast production service was part of a PR firm, and it accomplished that goal, but beyond that it was just too hard to remember.

The second reason for the name change is that I wanted the name to show what the service actually “does”. BizPodz Podcast Production specializes in working with organizations of all types — profits, nonprofits, and even government entities — to create quality podcasts and other audio productions.

For more information on the service, check out the home of BizPodz on the EndGame PR website. To view a news release about this announcement, go to the EndGame PR News page.

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