Startup BizCast #49 – Facebook for Small Businesses (John Blown)

The idea of using social networking to promote your small business has come up a number of times on this podcast, and in this episode we’ll get some specific tips on using one of the most popular sites for business — Facebook. John Blown of 6s Marketing, an Internet marketing firm, is this week’s guest on Startup BizCast. He’ll talk about how to use Facebook and why you would want to. He also discusses social networking sites MySpace and LinkedIn, and how they can be used.

In this week’s BizCast Brief, we have stories about an increase in Microsoft Small Business Server prices, a tax fight in Texas, and small business owners taking their vacations.

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6s Marketing (
6s Marketing Blog (
Facebook (
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2 Responses to “Startup BizCast #49 – Facebook for Small Businesses (John Blown)”

  1. Great podcast Steve!

    Helpful info for all small businesses to note!
    I agree with John’s comments and thoughts on the value of Facebook and social network marketing in general.
    Many of our small business owners on have benefited from the social networking forum aspects as well.


    Adam T.

  2. Bit of a stretch to get that link in there, Adam … but our judges say they’ll allow it. ;)

    Thanks for your kind comments.