Listener Help Needed!

I need listener help! I’m working on an episode about saving money on gas, and I need your most novel advice. I’m not talking about things like keeping your car tuned and keeping the proper amount of air in your tires. I want unusual or even off the wall advice! I figure with all of the people who listen to this show, there must be some great advice to be found. Those who participate will, of course, get mentions on the show for themselves and their businesses. They’ll also get a link on the blog.

To help out, either email me via the contact form, comment in this blog post, or use the “Submit Your Advice” form. You can also leave an audio comment (which I will use on the show) by calling (206) 339-4366.  I’ll produce the show once I have enough advice to fill an episode!

Thanks in advance!


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2 Responses to “Listener Help Needed!”

  1. The best way I’ve saved money on gas is working from home! I found a job as a transcriptionist and now I’m starting my own Virtual Assistant business so that I can continue to work from home.

  2. Hi April: Thanks for the tip and the comment. That’s definitely a good one, and one more and more people are using. I have one other idea and I’m thinking of maybe turning this into an occasional series, so if anyone else has other ideas I can definitely use them. It’s obviously a HUGE topic with everyone right now.

    Thanks again!

    Steve Mullen