New Startup BizCast Voicemail Number

phone.jpgHey folks.  I had to register a new voicemail phone number today.  My apologies to anyone who tried to call the old one, but ended up getting one of those “fast busy” signals.  I subscribe to a service that gives you a free voicemail and emails any received messages to your inbox.  It’s awesome for podcasting, but unfortunately if it’s not used for a month, your number disappears.  I’ve gone through a period where I haven’t gotten any voicemails for a little while, and I forgot to call it myself to keep it active.  So … I lost my old number.

Here is the new Startup BizCast voicemail hotline number:  206-350-7905

If you’ve tried to call recently but weren’t able to get through, PLEASE try again!


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