Small Business Recommended Reading (9-23-08)

Here’s this week’s small business recommended reading from Startup BizCast!

Survey: small businesses remain optimistic

National Survey Shows Traveler Award Programs Important But Too Difficult to Redeem
MarketWatch (news release)

Promises, promises, but which party has the best ideas for small business?
New Brunswick (Canada) Business Journal

Small-business owners forge ahead with holiday party plans
Dallas Morning News

Cost Cutters: Reduce Shipping Costs
The Wall Street Journal

Brand Building Tips (On A Budget)

What Media Crunches Mean To Your PR Efforts
Small Business Daily

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One Response to “Small Business Recommended Reading (9-23-08)”

  1. Commenting on Brand Building Tips (on a budget) published by SEO Book:
    “the key is to repeat a single, simple, compelling message, over-and-over again”;
    I think the challenge for most small business owners is in creating that message. The reasons that they got into the business seem to get intermixed with their message – and that’s not focused on the customer or the market but on themselves. It is a hard distinction to make – but a necessary one if you want to build a strong brand.