Feed Issues

I realized this morning that the file links in the RSS feed for this show no longer work.  What this means is that people using feed readers to get this show, AND people using iTunes to get this show are no longer able to pull the files down.  This is a huge problem, and I’m 99% sure it’s caused by Feedburner.  Feedburner recently (in between the last show and this one) moved all feeds over to the Google servers, as part of Google’s integration of the business.  I’ve got a note posted to Feedburner, and hopefully will have a solution soon.  Until then, the only way to hear Startup BizCast will be at this website, which just isn’t good enough for the long term.

This issue is fixed … no thanks to Feedburner.   I suspect the problem was caused when they migrated my feed from the Feedburner servers to their new home on the Google servers.  Something kicked in, and I had to find the setting to change.  Mind you, I had changed nothing about this feed before or after the migration … other than the migration itself.  Grrrrr.


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