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Small Business Podcast Reviews Startup BizCast

Big thanks to Jim Degerstrom for the kind review earlier this month of Startup BizCast on his podcast, Small Business Website Mailbag. Jim did a Google search for “small business advice podcast”, pulled out five of the results, and reviewed them for quality and content. Fortunately for me, Startup BizCast ranks #1 for that search. Jim said Startup BizCast was as well produced as shows from the magazines BusinessWeek and Entrepreneur!

Here’s a link to the episode of Jim’s show where he talks about SB.

PS – Want a show for your business that sounds as good as Startup BizCast? If so, click here! Sorry for the plug, but I couldn’t resisit!

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A New Podcast from EndGame PR Podcast Production

If you’ve paid attention during Startup BizCast, you will have heard a mention of EndGame PR Podcast Production. That’s the service (run by EndGame Public Relations, LLC) that produces this podcast. The service now has a new show, and I wanted to make sure you know about it!

VaHigherEd Podcast, which brings you the voices of Virginia Higher Education, is produced with the Virginia Community College System. During upcoming episodes, students, educators, and administrators from Virginia’s Community Colleges will describe their experiences in higher education and explain how they’re utilizing Virginia’s educational excellence.

The first episode of the program was published this afternoon. You can listen on the VaHigherEd Blog, via RSS, or on podcast directories such as Blubrry and Podcast Alley. We expect to be available on iTunes soon, but in the meantime you can subscribe using this link. Or, you can just click the play button below!


PS – A new episode of Startup BizCast is due on Wednesday, January 29!

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Startup BizCast Host Featured on Episode of One Minute How-To

The episode of the podcast One Minute How-To featuring my “How To” was released yesterday afternoon! OMHT is a show where guests try to explain how to do something in one minute or less. I chose to give tips on how to choose a business name. It was a great experience for me, because the show’s host, George Smyth, is such a pro.

Here’s a link to my episode: How To Choose A Name For Your New Business.

A side note — One Minute How-To was just selected as a finalist for the 2007 Podcast Peer Awards in the “Best Short Podcast” category. Congratulations, George! Visit the PPA site to see the full list of finalists. If you are a podcaster, you can participate in the voting of your favorite podcasts in each category of finalists.

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If you like Startup BizCast…

If you like Startup BizCast, may I recommend another podcast? I produce a show called Fighting Back for a client. The client is Fight SMA, an international nonprofit organization that’s working to accelerate a treatment or cure for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). SMA is the leading inherited cause of infant death. Fighting Back tells inspirational stories of people and families fighting serious or incurable diseases. I interview folks who have chosen not to take misfortune lying down, and instead are doing something about it.

To listen to episodes, visit the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Blog by Fight SMA or subscribe to the Fighting Back Podcast Feed.


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